Sunday, February 20, 2011

Really Raw Oatmeal

Not long ago I met a 97 year old man who appeared to be happy, healthy, and said he's even still driving his car. Out of curiosity, I asked him what his secret was. He smiled and told me "No secret, but I do eat oatmeal every day." 

Oatmeal has been proven to help prevent heart disease and cancer (link). As a result I have been trying to eat more of it. Yet I'm also trying to eat more raw foods, or foods that have not been heated over 118 degrees (for benefits of eating raw foods, click here). Most store bought oats are steamed at about 220 degrees. As a result these oats are not truly raw. So I wanted to share some links for truly raw oats. That being said, traditional unflavored oats such as store bought, Quaker Oats are not an unhealthy option if you can't find truly raw oats.

The first company I found is Blue Mountain Organics. They are certified raw vegan and organic. They can be purchased HERE or HERE.

A company called Goldmine sells organic raw oats. Check their store HERE for availability.

The third brand I found for organic, raw rolled-oats is Natural Zing. They are "cold rolled" and therefore truly raw, and when in stock, can be purchased from their website HERE

Lastly, I've found that some people eat "sproutable oat groats" by soaking them overnight and then blending either in a blender or a food processor in the morning. I called "Whole Foods" and they said they sell sproutable oat groats. "Legacy Valley" sproutable oat groats can be purchased on Amazon here: Link.

What is your favorite raw oatmeal? Thanks for reading! Pete


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