Sunday, March 11, 2012

Raw Pescatarian Diet

Many studies have confirmed the importance of having a diet rich in raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables. Yet there are many variations of a raw food diet including "Raw Vegan", "Raw Vegetarian", "High Raw" and even "Raw Pescatarian".

A Raw Pescatarian Diet is basically a Raw Vegetarian Diet or a Raw Vegan Diet plus Omega 3 fish oil capsules (wild caught and cold-pressed). A raw pescatarian may or may not include additional fish. A "High Raw Pescatarian Diet" is a High Raw Diet that includes cooked fish.

People include fish or fish oil in their diet because fish is extremely rich in healthy Omega 3 oils as well as B12 and D vitamins - all of which are more difficult to find in plant sources. Yet it is possible to obtain Omega 3 from plant sources (such as algae and flaxseed oil) just as it is possible to obtain vitamin D from sunlight, eggs, milk and nutritional supplements. B12 is a different story as it is generally not found in plant sources - yet there are many B12 supplement options for vegans.


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  2. The secret to our success is not a magic diet Jenny or workout. We focus on a part of training that everyone else misses, the mindset.

  3. This is exactly how we eat! Highly raw vegans and occasional fish the way the islanders do it ;)

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