Sunday, March 20, 2011

Raw Fast Food

Probably the best way to eat raw foods when you are on the go is by preparing your meal in advance.

Another method I find helpful is traveling with a salad bowl, fork, cutting board and kitchen knife in my car. This way I can stop at a grocery store and buy some produce and a gallon of water (for washing the food) and quickly prepare clean, raw salad, chopped vegetables or lettuce wraps on the go. This video from the "Raw Food World" shows how the Monarchs eat raw food when traveling (Skip to 4:00 in video if you want to avoid watching them drive):

Yet on the occasion that the above options are not doable, I wanted to provide some "high raw" fast food options. Some of the below options may include cheese, which you may want to order without.

Raw Fast Food

Whole Foods - Salad bar.
Sweet Tomatoes - Salad bar.
Old Country Buffet - Salad bar
Golden Corral - Salad bar.
Many Chinese restaurants have salad bars
Subway -Veggie Delight or veggie patty Salad (ask for extra spinach). Subway also sells apples.
Chipotle - Salad. Veggie Fajita Bowl. (no cheese or sour cream)
McDonald's - McDonald's chicken salads are all $1 cheaper if you order them without chicken. McDonalds also sells apples and fruit and walnut salads (walnuts are toasted).
Jimmy John's - Lettuce Wrap (minus the mayo)

Sit Down Restaurants

Order salads - Many restaurants serve Greek salads, chopped salads, house salads, etc. that you can eat alone or combine with sides, leaving certain ingredients out while adding others as you prefer.
Order Sides - salads, soups, rice, beans, baked potatoes, corn and grilled veggies are all healthy options.

Vegetarian Fast Food

Burger King - Veggie burger. Side salad.
Subway - "Veggie Delite" or "Veggie Patty" subs
Taco Bell - "Fresco style" tacos with beans instead of meat (Taco Bell's beans are cooked in vegan oil).
McDonalds - Oatmeal
Starbucks - Oatmeal
Wendy's - Baked potato. Apples. Salads.


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