Monday, June 13, 2011


I found out recently about a process that is legal in America called irradiation. Irradiation sends radiation into raw vegetables, fruits and nuts, which are then sold at grocery stores and restaurants. Irradiation is used to kill insects and bacteria, but sadly it also kills enzymes, good bacteria and nutritious values in the plant. Irradiation is known as "cold pasteurization".

I personally believe this process should be illegal. Here is a link on Wikipedia about irradiation: link. Here is another link about irradiated mangoes: link. The irradiated mangoes are smaller, less ripe and less healthy than the regular mangoes. Fortunately, irradiated foods have to be labeled as such unless they are sold in restaurants. The FDA's tolerance of irrdiation is motivating me to purchase more organic foods, as irradiated foods can not be labeled as organic.  Also, I hope to eventually start growing my own food as well, probably starting with wheat grass.

What are your thoughts on irradiation?

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