Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Produce Plus Protein - Jen Aniston and Jack Lalanne Diets

"Avoid Middle Aisles"

When shopping for groceries we are faced with thousands of choices, so choosing the best foods can be feel daunting. One general guideline is to buy food that isn't processed. Often, processed food is located in the middle aisles of a store, while meats, fresh vegetables and fruits, poultry and grains are found on the edges of the store. This philosophy of focusing mainly on produce and protein falls in line with the diets of famous actress Jen Aniston as well as the late Olympic legend Jack Lalanne.

Jennifer Aniston

"I have to have chips and salsa every now and then. I love to eat, but I don't eat crap. I'm pretty much a protein and vegetables girl. I just had a chinois salad with parsley and mushrooms and salmon. But to me, that's delicious. I don't really eat starches." (Link)

"During Friends, [Jennifer Aniston] ate the same salad everyday for ten years. Now she’s on a 'common sense diet' portion control, no processed foods and lots of lean protein, fruit and vegetables." (Link)

Jack Lalanne

American Olympian Jack Lalanne lived until the age of 96. I think much of his longevity can be attributed to his diet.

Jack Lalanne would eat 10 raw vegetables and 5 pieces of raw fruit every day. For protein, he ate at least four hard boiled egg whites daily with his salad, saying egg whites were "the best protein available to man". Also included in his diet were fresh squeezed juices, vegetable soups, fish, soy protein, pita bread, soy milk and whole grains such as oatmeal and brown rice. Basically, Jack Lalanne avoided all processed sugars, dairy and most meats except for fish. He did drink a glass of red wine with some of his meals, saying, "I'd rather see you drink a glass of wine than a glass of milk". LaLanne took dozens of vitamins/supplements on a daily basis. He also exercised 2 hours a day, even towards the end of his life. Because of joint pain, swimming was his exercise of choice in his later years. (link)


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