Thursday, February 9, 2012

Eat When Hungry (Not When Bored)

1) Don't Starve Yourself. Enjoy Eating!

"Train yourself to not starve yourself when you are truly hungry. There might be a plethora of reasons why one doesn’t eat when hungry but in the end you have to remember you are not doing yourself any favors with this behavior...My #1 solution in all situations? Fruit and veg. If you find yourself hungry but you, for some reason, have to wait with eating, munch on fruit or stuff like cherry tomatoes, paprika and carrot." (Link)

2) Don't Eat Just to Eat

While it is important to eat when hungry, it is also important to not overeat. Some people who eat healthy may still have issues with energy. Overeating, especially right before bed, is likely one significant reason why. In order to help your body digest your food, it is a good idea to avoid eating your last meal within 2-3 hours of bedtime.

Dr. Stanley S. Bass puts it well: "Each morsel we consume beyond what is absolutely necessary to sustain life, wastes physical and mental energy at a fearful rate. If any single factor were to be considered as the most important for health and happiness, this would be it.

Those who are compulsive overeaters should study, restudy and ponder deeply upon this question, for herein is contained the key to the solution of most of their daily problems

The Two Rules for Maintaining Health and Prolonging Life: quality and quantity. The first, namely quality, consists in not eating foods or drinking liquids harmful to the stomach. The second, which is quantity, consists in not eating or drinking more than the stomach can easily digest." (Link)

Paul Nison, author of the Daylight Diet, "identifies typical industrialized eating patterns as the most common cause of bodily stress. To reduce this stress, the diet advises you to choose healthy foods, reduce your overall food intake and, most importantly, increase the amount of time between meals. Eating less frequently and avoiding snacks allows your body time to thoroughly digest each meal and to take a break. The purported benefits of this diet include greater energy, enhanced immunity, deeper sleep, improved digestion and relief from a wide range of ailments." (Link)


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