Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The "Half Raw Diet"

Why Raw Foods?

Generally speaking, the more that a food is processed, the less the human body recognizes it as food. "Many processed foods are stripped bare, rendering them of little or no nutritional value" (Link). Raw fruits and vegetables are the least processed foods on the planet. They have not been preserved, canned, boiled, sliced, or irradiated. "Cooking for long periods of time can destroy some of the vitamin content of produce. This is well-established in the scientific community" (Link).

"Living Foods for Living Bodies"

Raw foods are also living foods. For example, if you cook a sunflower seed, that seed is now dead, and cannot grow. Literally, the life is gone from that seed. Raw food author and speaker Jay Kordich is now 90 years old (in 2013). He says that raw foods helped cure him life-threatening cancer in his 20's. He documented his experiences in an excellent book called "Living Foods for Living Bodies".

Then Why Not 100% Raw?

"Most adherents of the raw food diet strive for 75 to 95 percent compliance. For most people, this would require too much effort and too great a shift in dietary habits and desires. For this reason, dietitian and raw food coach Linda Ruff encourages people to adopt a 50 percent raw diet. This half-raw diet ensures adequate intake of enzyme-rich foods while leaving room for the cooked foods familiar to most people. A 50 percent raw diet may be your final goal, or a transitional step toward a more fully raw diet" (Link). A half raw diet also allows for very healthy cooked foods such as beans, stir fry, soup, rice, potatoes and many others.

What Else is Allowed on a "'Half Raw Diet"?

Your remaining food can include more fruits and vegetables if you want. Or it can also include healthy vegan foods such as potatoes, rice, beans, grains, nuts, seeds, soups, stir fry, healthy cereals, healthy breads, hummus, nut milks, healthy oils, etc. Non-vegans can also include organic and humanely attained eggs and dairy. Personally, I currently promote a vegetarian diet, but non-vegetarians can include wild caught fish and even organic meats if they choose. But again, on a Half Raw Diet, you want to make sure that at least half of your calories come from raw fruits and vegetables.

What are Some Great Raw Foods?

Fresh Juice (I recommend purchasing an affordable juicer at your local Wal-Mart or similar store)
Fruit Smoothies (I also recommend purchasing an affordable blender)
Green Smoothies (75% fruit, 25% green vegetables of your choice)
Fresh Fruits and vegetables
Raw nuts and seeds


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