Saturday, March 12, 2016

Is Abortion Vegan?

I've met many vegans who are pro-abortion. One famous YouTube vegan, Durian Rider, has said, "If you want to have an abortion, have an abortion." I usually agree with Durian Rider on most issues, especially when it comes to protecting animals and following your dreams. However, I disagree with him on this issue. How can you protect dogs, cats, dolphins, pigs and chicken's eggs - and then make a careless statement like this about babies in the womb? In other words, why are other animals prioritized over humans?

As a long-term vegetarian, I believe that the idea of protecting animals from pain and suffering is consistent with being pro life. One argument made against eating eggs and milk is, "It's not yours, so don't take it." If milk and eggs are this valuable, then isn't the life of an unborn baby? I believe that unborn babies are fragile, beautiful and valuable. This, to me, is consistent with a vegetarian philosophy which seeks to minimize harm to all animals - including humans.

I am not of the philosophy that says - once a child is born, we can simply ignore it. After living in China for several years, I have witnessed horrible pollution that is cutting lives short, especially because of lung cancer. Therefore, air, food and water pollution issues are also pro-life issues. All creatures will benefit from a more peaceful and toxic-free world. We also benefit from programs and an education system that help lift people out of poverty and violence. Pro-life issues do not end at birth.

Some religious preachers may say, "Human beings are the only valuable species to God. Animals are here for our pleasure." I would rather emphasize that we should view eating meat as a last resort. We should begin to acknowledge the death and suffering that we cause. We should do our best to minimize this pain and suffering, realizing that animals - like humans - experience real pain and real joy.

After putting away the steak knives, we must also put away the abortion knives and  poisons and come to the realization: Abortion is not vegan.


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