Saturday, April 2, 2016

Veganism - A Lifelong Pursuit

I've been vegetarian now for over three years. I've also limited the quantity of eggs and dairy in my diet, going completely vegan at times. I've struggled with deficiencies and currently supplement, though I still have trouble being 100% vegan, especially because of deficiencies.

The best I've felt in my life has been on a vegan diet, and my goal is to find a way to be vegan without any of my previous deficiencies. The vegan diet brings a sense of positivity that I've never felt otherwise. A low meat diet is one step closer to vegetarianism and a vegetarian diet is one step closer to veganism.

I believe that the important thing for me is to be on the path towards veganism, as close as possible. I feel that veganism is a win-win - animals are treated more humanely as humans become healthier. Of course, concerning skeptics, science also backs up the positive effects of a vegan diet. Yet there is no better teacher than experience.


  1. Hi Peter! I previously commented on one of your posts. Fellow vegan in HK too. I was wondering where you managed to find over the counter B12 in HK for injections and what type of B12 was it? So far, I've only managed to find cyanocobalamin and I've heard many negatives about it. Was hoping to find methyl b12. Would be ever so grateful if you could share!:)

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