Sunday, March 18, 2012

Amazing Success Stories from Long Term Vegans and Vegetarians

Dr. Ellsworth Wareham is 98 years old, and has been a vegan for 50 years now. He takes a B12 supplement.

Jay Kordich is 89 and has been a vegan (eating about 75% raw foods) for the past 65 years. Kordich had bladder cancer in his 20's and says he cured his cancer by eating raw fruits and vegetables. Kordich promotes juicing and eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. In his book titled "Power of Juicing" he says, "I consider myself a fruitarian when I eat and a vegetarian when I juice. Vegetables are the body builders; fruits are the energizers and cleansers" (p. 219). On his blog, Kordich states, "Eating a diet rich in vegetarian foods/vegan foods is KEY to staying vitally healthy.  If you cannot give up dairy, please know that cheese is loaded with saturated fats that hurt our arteries. Cheese especially has casein in it that is basically glue.  If you must eat dairy products, butter, cheese and milk are the worst culprits. Yoghurt and fermented milk products would be the only dairy products acceptable, but even then, only 5% of our diet should consist of these products. The other 95% should be: fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes and vegetables." (LinkKordich promotes getting vitamins D from sunlight (or a supplement if necessary) and B12 from nutritional yeast or tempeh (Link). 

Jim Morris, a former Mr. America, is 72 (in 2013) and lives solely off of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds and beans. He currently works out an hour per day, and says he feels and he looks better now than he has for years. He eats a "whole foods" vegan diet, meaning he avoids all processed foods.

Victoria Moran has been a vegan for 30 years (in 2013). She went from obese and depressed to healthy and happy. She gives a vegan diet much credit for this:

Karen Calabrese is 65 years old and she has been a vegan for 40 years. She has been a raw vegan for 30 years. In her book, "Soak Your Nuts", she says she gets most of her B12 from fermented foods such as raw sauerkraut, rejuvelac and kombucha. Yet for most people, she encourages taking supplementation of vitamin B12, vitamin D, flax seed oil, probiotics and digestive enzymes. 

Markus Rothkranz was sick and dying at 30 years old when he switched his diet. He has been a raw, whole foods vegan for ever since, and is now a thriving at 50 years old (in 2013). Rothkranz eats "green smoothies" for most meals (half fruits, half vegetables). He also promotes taking a B12 supplement.
John Kohler was on his death bed when he discovered the raw, whole foods vegan diet. He claims that this diet has healed him. Kohler recommends that vegans take a B12 supplement.

Reverend George Malkmus is 78 years old in 2012. When he was 42 years old, his doctor discovered a life-threatening, baseball sized tumor in his colon. At that point, George decided to start eating a raw vegan diet. According to his report, the tumor disappeared within one year! Malkmus has been a raw vegan ever since. On his website, George recommends taking a B12 supplement, flax seed oil, alfalfa, vitamin D and daily carrot juice (Link).

At 6:42 in the following video, 71 year-old Barry Koral talks about his raw vegan lifestyle. Koral looks much younger than his age, and he has been a 100% raw vegan since the year 2000!
At age 26, Christina Pirello was diagnosed with terminal leukemia. By the time her illness was identified, the cancer had already advanced to an acute stage. Her doctors gave her little reason to have hope for the effectiveness of conventional medical therapies and told her she had only months to live. Initially, she was discouraged and uncertain. Then a co-worker introduced her to Robert Pirello, a whole foods advocate who helped her adapt her lifestyle and diet based on whole, unprocessed food. With love, dedication and death-defying discipline, Christina overcame the odds, and in the process developed an expertise in cooking with whole, vegan foods. After just two months of eating beans, grains and vegetables, her doctors noticed a significant improvement in her condition. In fourteen months, her cancer was gone. From that time, she was utterly convinced of the close relationship between diet and health. She knew her life’s calling was to help others discover the importance of this relationship in their own lives. To that end, she studied and became an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, acupuncture and earned a Masters Degree in Nutrition. Today, almost 27 years later, Christina is a glowing example and inspiration on the power that our food choices have on our overall health and well being (Link).

Mike Tyson is new to the vegan diet, but he claims it has changed his life, and says he feels amazing now. Check out this short clip with Greta Van Susteren:
Gabriel Cousens is a Medical Doctor who is 69 years old (in 2012). He has been a raw vegan for 28 years. Cousens encourages supplementation in B12, vitamin D and Omega 3, vitamin C, vitamin A, carnosine and vitamin K. He promotes this supplementation both for vegans and for meat eaters.

Bernando LaPallo is 111 years old in 2012, as he was born in 1901 (link). He eats mainly raw fruits, raw vegetables and fresh juices. LaPallo also eats wild caught fish about 3 times per week. LaPallo is the world's oldest blogger.

As of 2012, Dr. Stanley Bass is a 91 year old raw foodist. His diet mainly consists of raw vegetables, a smaller amount of fresh fruit, and 1-2 raw egg yolks every day for vitamin B12, Omega 3, vitamin D, etc. He also occasionally eats chicken liver for extra B12.

Dr. Robert Lockhart is 68 years old. He's been vegan for 45 years and eaten only raw foods for 30 years. Though he used to be a "fruitarian", Dr. Lockhart eventually learned that greens are an essential part of a diet. Lockhart eats green smoothies almost on a daily basis. His smoothies include about half fruit and half leafy green vegetables. He also eats lots of fresh fruit.

As of 2012, Dr. John Fielder is 81 years old and has been a raw foodist for 40 years. He recently added very small amounts of animal products into his diet such as goats milk and fish. Yet Dr. Fielder's diet still consists of mostly raw fruits and vegetables.

Jack Lalanne invented the "Jumping Jack"and is known as the "Godfather of Fitness". He recently passed away at the age of 96. He promoted a high raw diet of 10 raw vegetables and 5 raw fruits a day. He also included fish in his diet.

"Happy birthday to Loreen Dinwiddie, who has an awesome name and just turned 108 years young! She credits her vegan diet, which she started in 1922 with her husband, for her longevity. Loreen, a Seventh-Day Adventist, says she draws her diet from biblical teachings” (Link). A 7th Day Adventist diet is vegetarian and also may include occasional eggs, dairy and honey (Link).

Lou Corona is 60 years old and he's been a raw vegan for 40 years:

Dr. Aris LaTham has been a vegan since 1970 and a raw vegan since 1976.

Mimi Kirk is 72 years old and has been a vegetarian for over 40 years. She has been a raw vegan for a few years as well.

Joel Brody - Raw Vegetarian for over 40 Years.


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