Thursday, March 22, 2012

Free Range, Organic Eggs Provide Amazing Nutrition!

One reason many people don't "go vegetarian" is because they are afraid of becoming malnourished. While this is a valid concern for some people, others might want to take a look at the amazing nutritional content of organic, free range eggs. These eggs are absolutely loaded with many of the essential vitamins nutrients that vegans often lack.

Omega 3 DHA  - 60-68 mg per egg  Link
- The European version of the FDA recommends people not to exceed 250 mg of DHA per day Link

Vitamin B121.3 micrograms per free range egg (Link0.6 micrograms per factory egg (Link)
- the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of vitamin B12 is 2.4 mg per day Link

Vitamin D
 - Up to 60 IU for free range, organic eggs Link
- the RDA for vitamin D is 200 mg for young adults Link

Choline - Eggs are among the most choline rich foods, with 116 mg of choline per egg yolk (Link)
- the RDA for choline is between 100-500 mg per day, depending on age (Link)

Vitamin K2 - About 5 mg per egg yolk (Link)
- the RDA of vitamin K is 10mg per day (Link)

Iron - Almost 2 mg per free range egg yolk (Link)
- the RDA of iron is between 8 mg per day for most people. However, pre-menopausal women should take up to 18 mg per day (Link)


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