Thursday, April 5, 2012

Binge Eating Treatment

Today I ate healthy up until about an hour ago at 8:30 PM. Then, unfortunately, I binged on several servings of greasy, artificially flavored potato chips. What can I learn from this binge "episode" tonight?

1) Surround yourself with healthy foods. At home I have my juicer, my blender and several healthy food options. Conversely, tonight I was in an environment that was full of lots of unhealthy foods and very few healthy options, which made "caving in" easier.

2) Prepare in advance. One way of changing the unhealthy outcome of tonight would be to prepare in advance. I had intended to stop at a health food store today, but ran out of time. This simple preparation would have undoubtedly helped me eat healthier tonight.

3) Find some healthy foods to eat first. Tonight I could have eaten a few vegetables in the refrigerator before eating the potato chips. This will have left less room in my stomach for the unhealthy foods that I binged on.

4) Surround yourself with encouraging people. In a healthy eating meetup group I go to, people share tips and encouragement on staying healthy that I find helpful. It helps me to not feel so alone when trying to eat healthy, while realizing that I am also not alone on the occasions when I binge.

5) Set realistic goals. One of my main goals in healthy eating is to eat whole, fresh (raw) foods until dinner, and then continue from there. For me, this goal more realistic than expecting to never eating unhealthy again.

6) Forgive yourself. Health is about enjoying life more, not beating yourself up when you fail. Also, tomorrow is a new day, and I hope to start it off with a big glass of green juice. ;-)


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about overcoming BED. I myself suffered from this scarry illness. I would put ACCEPTANCE as number one on my list, as accepting the problem should be our first move. All the other you enumerated will then follow.

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