Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Benefits of Avoiding Masturbation?

1) Become More Attractive to the Opposite Sex

The experience of becoming more attractive to the opposite sex seems to be common among those avoiding masturbation. One man documented that, "At work, there are girls that I would consider to be out of my league that are now looking at me" (Link). Another man says, "I've been attracting the hottest girls of my life...My ability to attract girls and especially higher quality ones has skyrocketed...My conversational and flirting skills are the best they've been" (Link). Personally? I've definitely experienced very similar results.

2) Trade Fantasy for Reality

In a TED talk called "The Demise of Guys", psychologist Philip Zimbardo addresses the negative effects of porn addition. He describes males who “prefer the asynchronistic internet world to the spontaneous interactions in social relationships” and therefore fail to succeed in with women (Link). To use an analogy, why settle for cheap food (porn) when you could dine at a gourmet buffet (real relationship)? Though Zimbardo is specifically talking about porn and fantasy here, these things tend to go hand in hand (no pun intended) with masturbation.

3) Improve your relationship with your hand partner.

If you are always masturbating, you are fulfilling a sexual need by yourself. Therefore, it is less likely that you will feel the need to pursue sex within an actual relationship. As one woman puts it, "For me, limiting sexual intimacy to a shared experience was the kickstart my relationship needed. Now when I found myself unexpectedly in the mood, my thoughts turned to 'Won’t it be nice when my boyfriend gets home…' instead of 'Where the hell did I put that Hitachi Magic wand?'”(Link). I'm not promoting a lot of random sex. I'm simply saying that for those of us who desire to eventually have actual sex, porn and masturbation can leave us with minimal satisfaction, distracting us from the main goal of a real-life sexual relationship.

4) Use Sexual Energy for Creativity

Sexual energy is extremely powerful, and some people have found ways to harness it and use it successfully in other areas, such as creativity. As award winning artist Prince said, "I'm single, celibate and sexy - I feel free...That's what happens with years of celibacy - it all goes into the music. This time, it has to be the right person." (Link). Mahatmas Gandhi often talked about how his celibacy helped give him the energy to inspire change and revolution in India (Link).


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