Thursday, July 10, 2014

Is a Bicycle a Vehicle

One of my favorite forms of exercise is cycling. Yesterday, for example, I biked about 15 miles. On my way home, I got a phone call from a friend and I decided to answer it. Moments later, I was startled by a cop who pulled up next to me and yelled at me to get off the phone, threatening me with a $100 ticket. I understand that talking on the phone while riding a bike is a bit dangerous and not a good idea, but is it illegal?

I went home and researched Illinois laws a bit, and it actually seems vague. The law bans cell phone usage while operating a vehicle. But is a bicycle a vehicle or a transport? Here's what I ultimately found:

Land Vehicle:


– Trucks, Cars, Tractors, etc. (This can be broken down further)
– Motorcycles
– Motorized Bicycles, mopeds (>1,000 watt, 20-30 mph, <2 div="" horsepower="">


– Bicycles, Tricycles, Unicycles,etc.
– Electric Assist Bicycle (Sub-1,000 watt, sub-20 mph)

Pedestrian Conveyance

– Skateboards
– Rollerblades
– Scooters


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