Sunday, December 28, 2014

Is Having Children the Ultimate Status Symbol?

In our world, having kids is seen as one of the biggest status symbols. I believe that all of life is a gift from God and a blessing. For this reason, it's essential to take care of the children that are already here on this earth. Unfortunately, however, that doesn't always happen:

Total estimated number of orphans worldwide:  153 million
Number of caring adults it takes to make a life-long difference for an orphan:  1

Having a child does not make somebody a "good person," despite what culture might say. Given the right circumstances, most people are capable of having a child. In my opinion, a good person is someone who takes care of people in need, whether they be family, friends, or even orphans.

Another interesting fact is world population, which is rising faster than any time in human history.  

I'm currently living in China, where there are a lot of people:

It's important to realize that, with the benefits of having more people, there are also sacrifices, such as land ownership. The more dense a population becomes, the higher the chance that you will have to live in a sky rise rather than own a big house with a nice garden, for example. 

In your opinion, is having children the ultimate status symbol? 

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