Friday, January 2, 2015

Caffeine vs. High Carb Raw Foods Breakfast

Over the last few months, I've been drinking more and more caffeine, especially green tea in the morning. Since I don't regularly drink caffeine, its effects are very powerful for me. I feel awake, alert and happy after even just one cup of green tea. Coffee is much more powerful for me. When I drink coffee, I feel energetic. I feel creative. I feel awesome. Until I crash.

My caffeine crashes are also quite powerful. I feel sleepy, lethargic and even somewhat depressed. Because of the negative emotions I feel during the inevitable caffeine crash, I have decided to cut out caffeine recently. I hate the idea of knowing that I will feel feel very tired and probably even sad later during the day, simply because of a caffeine crash.

For me, the best replacement for caffeine is a high carb smoothie in the morning. My favorite smoothies include bananas, berries, some sort of vegan protein / vitamin powder and even some greens. I feel great when I drink this for breakfast, and I don't experience a similar crash. For me, some of the benefits of high carb, "high raw" vegan smoothies are more energy, better skin and a feeling of optimism.

High Carb Raw Vegan Smoothie > Coffee, tea and "energy drinks".


  1. These days, even doctors also suggest you to have Green drink at least once in a day. It will help you in preventing from health problems. That’s why I am having Green tea in my daily routine and surely it increase my immunity power.

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