Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Daily Supplements

The following may seem like a lot of supplements and an expensive daily routine. However, remember that most Americans spend much more money on prescription medications every day. In my opinion, spending about $5 a day on the following supplements can greatly increase my mood and even prevent sickness and diseases. If I have an affordable (and healthy) breakfast such as oatmeal, I can use the money I saved to purchase supplements that improve my mood and sense of well being every single day! :)


10,000 IU of vegan vitamin D3 (or lots of direct sunlight exposure)
B12 source: B12 supplement, kombucha or fortified soy milk (B12 is essential for most vegans)


Chlorella or Alfalfa (for detox, better sleep and chlorophyll)
Probiotic or kombucha (incredible immune system and digestion support)
Vegan Omega 3 DHA (essential for brain health)
Plant enzyme or raw green foods (for digestion and better sleep)


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