Thursday, December 13, 2012

Is Self Defense Against Animals OK in Veganism?

I believe a vegan diet is a very healthy diet to follow, as evidenced by many long term vegans (Jay Kordich, Karen Calabrese, Gabriel Cousens, Brian Clement, Paul Nison, John Kohler, Markus Rothkranz, etc). Most of these people have seen diseases cured on a mostly raw vegan diet. I believe that the vegan diet was the original human diet as documented in ancient texts such as the Bible's book of Genesis. I also believe that animal cruelty in factory farms is horrible and should be stopped. Yet is there ever a time to defend yourself from invasive, aggressive or harmful insects or animals? Suprisingly, most vegans would say yes. While veganism does not allow for animal cruelty, it does allow for self defense. Below are some examples of self defense against invasive species that almost all vegans would allow for:

1) Bed Bugs 

2) Lice

3) Mosquitoes 

4) Roaches - There is some debate on this issue. On their website, PETA encourages a kinder approach to roach - don't ever squash them. Simply trap them and repel them with bay leaves, garlic, etc. This approach may work for some people, but seems quite unreasonable for restaurants and those with larger infestations. Roaches do, after all, often carry diseases and can contaminate food.

5) Mites

6) Violent or rabid animals

7) Parasites

Common sense tells us that bed bugs, lice and mites shouldn't be given the same status as humans, or even animals for that matter. This is probably why PETA is specifically trying to protect animals (not bacteria or parasites). I have never had bed bugs, but if I did, you'd bet I would hire the best exterminator around!


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